PHOTOGRAPHY4LIFE Responsible Photodournalism & Rink. Coverage devoted to Promoting Growth, benefiting Local Community Development and Wildlife Conservation throughout East Africa.
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    Wildlife and Humans in Harmony.  Wanyamapori & Binadamu katika Harmony.Read more
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    A picture is worth more than a thousand words and the power of the pen eternal.Read more
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    Photography4life provides media coverage including photo-journalism towards creating awareness and support for community development and conservation incentives across East Africa.    Read more
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    Actively recording real life situations at grass root levels, providing effective coverage and information concerning projects and incentives empowering people and saving wildlife.  Read more
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    At the heart of growth in any life-changing project or development is motivation. Our motivation is passion.    Read more
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    Bringing people closure together through the lens of a camera. Contributing towards improving lives.  Read more
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    Promoting insight and growth in the quality of life through vital coverage, helping causes.Read more
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    Enriching lives amongst the peoples of Africa through broad media coverage combined with extensive experience in East Africa.Read more
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Sponsor a Ranger – for Specialised Courses

Photography4life has launched a project complementing Anti-Poaching efforts by sourcing funds
for educational courses ideally suited to Anti Poaching, Conservation Rangers in East Africa...

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Credit: Big Life Foundation

Causes Sponsors

Photography4life has been very generous with time and photographic skills, Colleen took on a number of assignments for both Honeyguide and Big Life Foundation. She took some great photos of all the Big Life rangers field operations in Tanzania, this involved Coll going and living with the rangers for specific periods at a time, travelling from Ranger post
to Ranger Post and going on night patrols, foot patrols and everything else the rangers did on duty; she built up a great rapour and trust with the rangers and delivered some stunning photographs.

The Enduimet WMA (Wildlife Management Area) committee asked Colleen for help to build their official website, and partnering with Honeyguide, Colleen developed a stunning website that showed the beauty of the community, wildlife and landscape.

Colleen is a very dedicated conservationist and a natural in the field. We cannot thank her enough for what she did for the communities and their conservation efforts.

Damian Bell, Honeyguide Foundation

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