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Promoting Community Development With Conservation

Photography4Life is dedicated to promoting global awareness and understanding through photo-journalism, benefiting projects combining community development and wildlife conservation collectively - across East and Central Africa. 

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Uniting Communities & Wildlife

Photo-Journalism & Media Platform for Conservation in East Africa

Photography4Life celebrates its 6th birthday - July 2017.  Its humble beginnings were the result of a photographic assignment in the heart of the Amboseli / Sinya eco-system, in the shadows of Kilimanjaro.  

It sparked the idea of providing Media Coverage specifically geared towards Non-Profit Organisations within conservation across East Africa, involving (amongst other things) Anti-Poaching Ranger operations.

Quickly it became apparent that a broader platform incorporating copy-writing, blog content, graphic art and web design was needed. As our ‘Dream Team’ continues to grow we will also increase our ‘news platform.’  

As we celebrate the start of our 7th year we have increased our focus on Wildlife Conservation Projects that honour and empower local communities. This brings a broad spectrum of topics to the table, and along with it exciting new Team Members.  

We are a Non-Profit Organisation, that relies on sponsorships for the services we provide. All Team Members are professionals who donate their time and skills. 

Vision & Goals

Our Mission

Providing vital, high quality, inside coverage – where Wildlife Conservation and Community Development come together.

Our Commitment

Is to vigorously help the sustained growth of Wildlife Conservation alongside Community Development, through responsible photojournalism and the promotion of self-sustainable projects. 

Our Vision

To provide photography, documentation, advocacy, capacity building and socio-economic opportunities for Anti- Poaching Rangers and their communities. In doing so, helping end local poaching and the illegal trade in wild animal products across East & Central Africa.