The true stories, challenges and dreams of Wildlife Rangers in Africa

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Welcome to Photography4Life

Bringing wildlife and communities together.

Our core goal is to reflect the true stories, challenges and dreams of Wildlife Rangers that have largely gone unheard.  In doing we aim to create a whole new level of awareness - inspiring and innovating people across the world. We have a strong sense of practicality and experience in diverse fields and a deep-rooted sense of commitment to Africa - its people and wildlife.

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Uniting Communities & Wildlife

Photo-Journalism & Media Platform for Conservation in East Africa

Our humble beginning started with a photographic assignment in the heart of the Amboseli / Sinya eco-system under the shadows of Kilimanjaro - eight years ago.

It sparked the idea of providing Media Coverage specifically geared towards wildlife conservation projects across East Africa, with emphasis on portraying the lives of Anti-Poaching Rangers, their families and dreams.

Taking advantage of our skills, resources and association, we are a growing voice for conservation and community development across East/Central Africa - through media networking, sharing skills, knowledge and helping raise vital funding. Linking up to collectively help and inspire communities (especially those living closely to wildlife). Contributing towards empowering communities on the ground in need of a hand up, rather than a hand out. Sustainable, socio-economic opportunities encouraging a healthy approach to conservation efforts as well as raising interest and commitment - locally and abroad. 

We are a Non-Profit Organisation, that relies on sponsorships for the services we provide. All Team Members are professionals who donate their time and skills. 

Vision & Goals

Our Mission

Providing inside coverage of Wildlife Conservation in Africa and a platform for the brave Rangers involved.

Our Commitment

Is to vigorously help the sustained growth of Wildlife Conservation alongside Community Development, through responsible photojournalism and the promotion of self-sustainable projects. 

Our Vision

To provide photography, documentation, advocacy, capacity building and socio-economic opportunities for Anti- Poaching Rangers, their families and communities. In doing so, helping end local poaching and the illegal trade in wild animal products across East & Central Africa.