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Photography4Life is dedicated to promoting global awareness and understanding through photo-journalism, which benefit projects combining community development and wildlife conservation collectively, across East and Central Africa. Take your time to look around, and learn all there is to know about us.  We hope you enjoy this temporary web-platform. Please browse through our content, which reflects our passion for conservation and those dedicated to it. Ping us a line and sign up for our newscasts to read about exciting up coming developments.

Inside News

Who We Are

Photo-Journalists and a Media Platform

Photography4Life provides photo-journalism and other forms of media coverage geared towards organizations and projects involved in Wildlife Conservation and Community Development across East and Central Africa. 

Enriching lives to help wildlife

As the Founder of Photography4Life I spent a considerable amount of  time in the field with Anti-Poaching Rangers. I quickly realized that in addition to producing photographs and articles for Non Profit Organizations, we could also source funding towards additional courses for rangers in the field - as well as great Community Development opportunities for those living close to wildlife.

Vision & Goals

Our Mission

Providing vital, high quality, inside coverage of Anti-Poaching efforts and organizations on the front line of East & Central Africa's fight for Wildlife Conservation.

Philosophy and Commitment

We are vigorously committed to helping sustained growth and an understanding of local communities living alongside wildlife. To be supported through responsible photojournalism that promotes sustainable growth  (more on About Us).

Our Vision

Providing photography, documentation, advocacy, capacity building and socio-economic opportunities for Anti- Poaching Rangers and their organizations. Also by helping their families and communities, we believe poachers will see the benefits of this support and choose a more productive and sustainable lifestyle. In doing so our aim is to help end rampant poaching and the use of illegal animal products sourced from East & Central Africa.