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What started as a dream has become reality. Photography4Life was created by safari specialist and photo-journalist Colleen Hogg, as a platform to promote conservation and associated communities. Colleen strongly believes Africa’s remaining wildlife cannot survive without vigorous support for neighbouring communities. Living in harmony with nature. Third generation Kenya born, Colleen’s tenacity and passion for her homeland is the foundation of her life's choices. 

Colleen Hogg - Founding Director

Her career encompasses extensive experience in East Africa’s safari industry; including specialized guiding, camp and lodge management, as well as senior positions with two successful safari operations. She made a life changing decision to leave the security of a stable job and launch her own venture. After a rocky start (but with cameras in hand) Colleen visited many secretive and remarkable sanctuaries across East Africa, providing photographic and presentational skills. Two weeks planned in Tanzania became seventeen years as she settled into commercial photography and graphic design.

Fate then dealt her it's best card, fulfilling a childhood dream.

A fellow journalist recommended Colleen to Honeyguide Organization who were looking for a photojournalist to cover their anti-poaching operations with Big Life Foundation. She quickly formed a close rapport with the rangers, and immense admiration and respect for the organizations which trained/supported them.

The rest is history! 

(Colleen's career portfolio is on LinkedIn).

Meet Our Dynamic Team Members

Kavita Vohora - Ground Operations / Logistics, International

Kavita Vohora, born in Kenya, and was brought up in East Africa in Kenya and

Tanzania respectively. She been involved in the the coffee industry, agricultural and life stock farming in Tanzania for more than 17 years, and resides in Arusha and lives with her young daughter and pack of dogs. Kavita is a born naturalist and an active follower of wildlife conservation in Africa. She is not frightened of getting get her 'hands dirty' and participate in vital ground work, or rally together essential people and components involved in Photograph4life's growing projects and campaigns.   Kavita oversees Photography4life’s operations within Tanzania & Kenya alongside the Founding Director (who is raising awareness abroad).  Kavita brings valuable experience to the table, including communications, networking and operations. She shares our affinity with the wilderness and passionate goals, which strengthens her ability to represent the organisation effectively. Vivacious and full of energy, Photography4life has gained a valuable partner in Kavita, for its extensive operations and logistics across East Africa.

Lisa Mirande-Lind - Development and Project Advisor

Lisa has worked abroad primarily in Africa for the past 30 years, first as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Mauritania and then by coordinating relief and development projects with various, major NGOs. Having worked in the health, education, youth, economic development, and agriculture sectors during her career, Lisa has an extensive knowledge of project management and training. Returning to the Peace Corps in 1999 Lisa oversaw the programming and training for Peace Corps programs located within Morocco and Jordan in the Middle East - till 2006. 

Recently, having spent nine years working in the hospitality sector in Tanzania, she has once again returned to Peace Corps as Director of Programming and Training for Peace Corps Benin, West Africa. Throughout her years working overseas, she has always had a keen passion for conservation and is honored to be a board member for Photography4Life.  
Lisa's specific and all-encompassing skills  are immensely valuable and appreciated as Photography4life continues to grow and develop programs across East Africa.

Hope & Paul Phillips - Development and Empowerment

Hope and Paul Phillips live (with daughter Jojo) and work near Kampala, Uganda. Hope an HIV AIDS orphan, grew up on the border of The Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda. She survived by growing potatoes in the dense bush.  In desperation, her cousin worked as a prostitute to feed them.  Paul worked as a photographer for a child sponsorship program in Rwanda. He met Hope in 2009 while she was teaching at a school in Kigali.​  They fell in love, and began a residential ministry called HOPE+ Africa. They live with 19 women and children, serving a larger community of orphans, widows, single HIV+ mothers, and genocide survivors.  Breaking this cycle, not by the typical Western way of providing programmatic solutions, but by working in the African context of deep and heartfelt relationship, embracing the spectrum of problems. Becoming stewards of their environment, economically benefitting from attending to the needs of the abundant ecosystem they live in. Those once destitute becoming self sufficient,  as well as psychologically and spiritually healthier. We are delighted to welcome these two inspiring and productive souls. 

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As Diverse as they are Unique

Audra Dimanbro-Caputo - Training and Education

Audra is the Founder and Director of Winds of Africa in the USA and Tanzania, East Africa. Her career in San Diego is in Mental Health Care with children, adolescents and adults. She has held supervisory positions in children and adult residential care facilities and worked in at Bay View Psychiatric Hospital in Chula Vista San Diego and at the San Diego Psychiatric County Hospital.  Her involvement in Africa began by assisting the principal and teachers at ‘Save Our Souls Children Orphanage’ kindergarten and primary school program in Zimbabwe, inspiring her desire to continue volunteer her expertise in Africa. This brought Audra to Tanzania in 2001 where she founded Winds of Africa (WoA) Foundation. Its goal is to steadily build up a foundation that focuses on uniting and strengthening educational opportunities for the youngest to the oldest in Tanzania. Her philosophy is the keystone towards WoA’s success. Audra went on to launch a highly effective program training Anti-Poaching Rangers in Communication skills and English. The courses’ success and Audra’s motivation resonated with Colleen’s desire to help wildlife Rangers, their families and communities, with the empowerment of education.

Julia Picha - Women and Youth Development and Motivation

A student at Karatina University. She is the current director of Spring Break Kenya (SBK) whose huge goal is to inspire  communities to ‘Create the Change They Want to See’ through active engagement with young university students, communities and organizations. Julia also contributes to several other organizations including ‘Young Single Mothers Empowerment Group’, Kibera (YSMEG), Kakenya Center of Excellence and ‘Akili Dada’ (enthusing the next generation of African women leaders).  She promotes female Empowerment through education, performance and equal opportunities, mentoring young girls to pursue their ambitions against all odds. Julia vigorously pursues the end of forced or early marriages , as well as female genital mutilation (FGM). She believes that young people today have more power to change the world for the better than at any time in human history. Julia says: “motivating and supporting youngsters is key to them developing their creative and innovative abilities.”  Julia represents the youth of Africa and embodies our aims associated with Community Development. Its great to have one of East Africa's younger generation, with such resolve and foresight, on board.  

Further details of additional Team members coming soon


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The Power of the Pen

Pro. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome Publisher ATC News East Africa

Wolfgang’s career in East Africa's spans over four decades.  With a background in safaris, hotel management and air operations he is uniquely qualified to cover a cross board selection of topics concerning Africa on his widely acclaimed blog ATC News, His blog today is the largest of its kind in the wider Eastern African region. He regularly speaks at conferences and has successfully moderated many panel discussions on topical issues covering the aviation, hospitality and tourism sectors. He has also served in key positions, both in Kenya and his adopted home country Uganda, where he held the post of President of the Uganda Tourism Association (for nearly 8 years) after helping to rebuild Uganda's trade association framework from scratch after the end of the Liberation War. Wolfgang also served as Chairman of Uganda's National Hotel and Tourism Training Institute. Keen on conservation issues, Wolfgang was Chairman of the Rhino Fund Uganda during its crucial years of fundraising, whilst establishing the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and breeding program. Wolfgang’s skills in communications and negotiations are exceptional, making him all the more valuable as a contributor.

Ian Vincent McKenzie

Ian Vincent McKenzie - Author and Environmental Specialist

 Ian has been a deep-sea fisherman; a commercial pilot; a professional photographer; a crocodile catcher; a safari guide; a hotel and safari lodge manager; and a hard-copy-published author and dedicated environmentalist who works tirelessly at uncovering and spreading the ghastly truths. When Hurricane Katrina almost destroyed New Orleans in 2005, my interests turned to climate change – then almost unheard of – and he decided to write a fictionalized but factual story about what exactly was going on with the world around us. This, for obvious reasons, involved an inordinate amount of research that shocked him. While this story – ‘A Question of Survival’ – has yet to be published, Ian continued to followed climate change very closely. His sequel book is called ‘Hell Hath No Fury.’ His Face Book page famous for his study on the Environment and he has since opened up a Facebook Group on the subject - despite the fact that many of my FB friends have called me a prophet of doom. As well as writing this new novel based on fictionalised fact, edits books prior to publishing and his details can be found on his website 

Liz Hoyle Professional Journalist, Copy-Writer and Blogger

Liz graduated from the University of Huddersfield in 2005 with a BA Hons in English with History. Afterwards she taught English in secondary schools,  both in the UK and Tanzania, in East Africa. It was whilst she was in Tanzania that she first started to write and having successfully completed articles for a travel guide and a magazine based in Dar es Salaam, Liz decided to take writing more seriously and become a professional. 

On returning home to the UK in 2014, Liz became a qualified copywriter and she utilised her new writing skills to cover conservation and its growing concerns. 

Her love for African wildlife is strong and she writes regularly for various organisations about many iconic species, threatened with extinction across Africa. Although still teaching part-time, Liz hopes to make writing a full-time career. Media coverage is a vital part of our platform and we are thrilled to welcome Liz on board as one of our writers.

Liz has a blog and writes for a number of wildlife magazines and more details can be found at his website:

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