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Official launch of 'Operation Giant Strides'

Check out our latest video for the official launch of our education project.

Operation Giant Strides is officially launched tonight.
Photography is raising funds for more wildlife rangers in East Africa to do the specialised communication and language courses designed for us by Winds of Africa. 

Photograhy4life operates 100% on volunteers.

Operation Giant Strides

Check out this great video for the launch of OPERATION GIANT STRIDES by Photography4life.
Read the full story and follow its developments at:

Many thanks to Monique Vek for this beautifully filmed video during her recent visit to Tanzania.

Horny Bull elephant saved from sure death

Video clips taken in Enduimet, during  efforts to save a bull elephant injured whilst fighting with another bull elephant in musth. During musth male elephants are often highly volatile and unpredictable as they battle for the best females. 

More video clips below.  Videos kindly forwarded to photography4life by Commander John Magembe, Enduimet, Tanzania - Chief Anti_poaching Tactical Trainer

Saving a horny bull elephant

Video clips taken during community & conservation efforts

clips courtesy of BigLife Foundation & Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

Saving a horny elephant from the clutches of death

Video clips taken during community & conservation efforts.

Clips courtesy of BigLife & Enduimet Wildlife Management Area (WMA)

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